Live Low Carb Cookbook

Maybe you already live low carb, or maybe you are new to low carb eating. Either way, the recipes in the Live Low Carb cookbook will give you some delicious ideas. If you are a seasoned 'low carber' you already know the benefits of low carb, real food nutrition. Whether you are considering low carb eating for weight loss, better energy, more nutrient density or optimising sport performance, the benefits are far reaching. Check out some information about low carb nutrition from our Dietitian, Natasha Fayle, below:

After years of giving people 'standard' food pyramid advice I had to take a good hard look at myself and question why it wasn't working. People weren't lying to me - the low calorie, low fat advice I was promoting was not working!! I needed to work out why. I took afew years and dug deep into the research and discovered that the low fat, calorie controlled advice I (and almost every other health professional) had been dishing out for decades, was deeply flawed. It was fuelling the obesity epidemic and dieting culture.

What I discovered was that weight loss and health are complex metabolic processes. It's not about eating less and moving more. Thats way too simplistic. Weight loss and good health are about optimising hormones. There are many hormones involved, but to keep it simple I will talk about the big player, insulin.


Insulin is a fat storage hormone. So if you want to lose weight and optimise your health, it makes sense to keep this low. When we eat our blood sugar rises and insulin is secreted by the pancreas to get sugar out of our blood and into cells. The type of food we eat effects insulin levels. Heres the interesting bit, carbohydrates (starches and sugars) give us the biggest blood sugar and insulin spikes. High insulin = fat storage. So lots of carbohydrates = fat storage. Even if they are what you would consider 'good', 'wholesome' carbohydrates. 

Eating protein gives us a slight blood sugar and insulin rise but eating fat gives us almost NO blood sugar and insulin rise. Eating protein and fat does not promote fat storage, UNLESS it's combined with alot of carbohydrates.  So you can see why the low fat message was the worst possible message - because when we ate less fat,  we started eating more carbohydrates. These didn't fill us up, so we needed to keep eating more carbohydrates. More carbohydrates equals higher levels of insulin and more and more fat storage. I believe this one single 'low fat' health message, fuelled the obesity epidemic and destroyed the health of millions of people worldwide. 

So, its time to educate people. And many people are already working this out for themselves. Fat is king! Fat is  amazing at keeping us full. It suppresses our appetite. Conversely, carbs increase our appetite. Carbs are an appetite stimulant. And thats the last thing most of us want - right? To achieve better health we need to prioritise protein, cut carbs and fill up on fat. 

If you think low carb diets are abit 'out there' consider this......they are just eating patterns made up of real foods. Eating patterns that focus on wholefoods such as meats, dairy, vegetables and natural fats. All nutrient dense, real foods. Nothing crazy, just real tasty food that keeps you full and satisfied. I don't know about you, but I sure would rather eat foods such as steak, camembert, cream and bacon rather than rice crackers, skim milk and lentils. 


If you think low carb might be for you - the next question is usually "how will this fit in with my family and life?", especially if you have kids who love pasta, rice and bread (like most kids). Thats a great question, because the last thing you want to be doing is making more than one meal. This is where the  Live Live Carb cookbook comes in.  For many of the recipes we include a 'family version'.  The family version allows you to tweak the recipe to suit the higher carb members of your household. You can take a look at how this looks in the example recipe below. 

We hope that the Live Low Carb cookbook makes it easier for you to fit low carb into your family and life. 

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